The Good Witch 2013


My Dad has spent another year being the bad witch. He isn’t all bad but when it comes down to it, we can’t both be the good witch!

To catch up on our annual Witch Giving tradition read here. History of Bad Witch 

This year I didn’t have ANY trouble finding THE perfect witch. I bought it from Noodle and Lou. She makes the cutest things in her Etsy shop. (I follow her on Instagram so I have a heads up on when she is putting her super cute things in the shop because they don’t last long! ) Isn’t the witch awesome!!

I added this poem and mailed it to the Bad Witch (AKA my Deddy) across town because it was wrapped so adorably that I kept it in its box.


So what did the Bad Witch give the Good Witch you might ask?? My Deddy bought two Lori Mitchell figurines and told me I could pick out my favorite. WOW! But wait. One of them was a Devil.

See he IS the bad witch. I picked out this cutie pie and left him with the devil. Knowing him though I will get the devil next year. photoHe came for a visit on Halloween bringing yet another lovely treat. My mom!! We enjoyed a nice lunch and left me another witch with a poem.

pumpkin headphoto

Nasty Fellow!

He probably left the devil in my house somewhere but I haven’t found it yet!!

Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween.


PS I’ll be starting my search for next year’s witch tomorrow.