About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog, Love the Giver. My name is Katey and I live in Alabama. I have been married for 25 years and have 2 teen boys, 2 cats and one hungry dog.

I love all things old. Old cemeteries, old books, old dolls, old dishes, old lace and old people. I love history and exploring little towns and antique stores or flea markets. I love to travel and wander in a garden or down a little trail in the woods. We live in a house that we built but we did things to add old to it. Like old doors and light fixtures and door knobs.

I like to take pictures. I always have. But recently asked for a “real” camera for my birthday.   I take pictures of things I love.

I’m crafty and a decorator type person with lots of interest in those areas but not a master in any. I dabble in all of it so I have a nice craft room over the garage that was once storage but now houses anything from a soldering iron to antique buttons, doll body parts to blank canvases.

I’m tired of all my paragraphs starting with “I” but I can’t think of how to change them up. Sorry about that! I know I should have had Mrs. Greenleaf in 11th grade and she would have taught me but I had the easy teacher and I didn’t learn anything!

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy what you read and see, and that you will decide to stay a while and see what I come up with. Thanks for visiting.







Recent Posts

September Box 2019

Another September Box has come and gone and I’m left with this image of a happy mom and daughter. A memory of a sweet time together, highly anticipated, (for a whole year by both of us) exchanging treasures we’ve found or made for each other.

Each year it gets better. Is that possible?? You be the judge.

And the goodness continues as I open the tin from my mom…..

What a lovely exchange we shared. I told mom I don’t know which is better watching her open her goodies or getting to open mine!

Our exchanged started many years ago…. click for the back story.

I recommend starting your own exchange, whether with your mom or daughter or a best friend or even a one time gift that is a tin or box tucked full of goodies you have gathered over a period of time, while thinking of this special person.

It’s a tradition that stays with us all year… as we open one we start collecting for the next. I keep my boxes mainly still together and look thru them occasionally and the sweetest feelings circle out of them and fill me.

Love the giver,