Thankful Banner


It started with this…..acorn

And ended with this.letterAlong my walk I collected various things that nature provided and created letters to spell THANKFUL, it was so fun, I created NOVEMBER. I made a little Flipagram of November but I wanted to do more with these sweet photos.

Like make prints for a banner!

Banners to give to those I’m thankful for! The idea was born.

I found “Print Studio” and downloaded the app and ordered little 2″ square prints. They came in super fast and were very reasonably priced.thankful

I saw little hanging kits at Print Studio that are great, but I had these supplies already so I put together my own.  I used some little canvas bags I had bought years ago and embellished them with stamps. I used fabric safe ink and heat set it. stamp


I had some bakers twine on hand and wrapped it around a wooden spool and threw in a handful of mini clothespins. bannerbanner

I tied the letters in order and finished it off with a pair of acorn caps. picturesDSC_0481I printed a few extra prints of my favorite fall shots. heartfallsAnd used them like gift tags.  I wrote kind words to those I am thankful for and mailed them.

A simple thoughtful idea I wanted to share with you.

Take the time to let those you love, know that you are THANKFUL for them.




10 thoughts on “Thankful Banner

  1. Love this wonderful gift of love! You are sooo creative and so full of caring and sharing that love. I am so thankful for you!! Love , mom

  2. I’m a great big ol’ Social Print Studio fan, and also fond of making words with nature. what a lovely surprise to receive the sweet banner kit from a beloved kindred spirit… I am ever thankful that forces brought us together, finally, when we were meant to be fast friends all along. I love you so much. thank you, treasured friend!

    • Wow! I didn’t know that is where you have gotten your pics printed! But now I am not surprised that we stumbled upon the same app! They are amazing! I knew you would love this and I can see it hanging in your cabin when your family & friends gather for thanksgiving. I love you and thankful for our friendship. Katey

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