Thankful Banner


It started with this…..acorn

And ended with this.letterAlong my walk I collected various things that nature provided and created letters to spell THANKFUL, it was so fun, I created NOVEMBER. I made a little Flipagram of November but I wanted to do more with these sweet photos.

Like make prints for a banner!

Banners to give to those I’m thankful for! The idea was born.

I found “Print Studio” and downloaded the app and ordered little 2″ square prints. They came in super fast and were very reasonably priced.thankful

I saw little hanging kits at Print Studio that are great, but I had these supplies already so I put together my own.  I used some little canvas bags I had bought years ago and embellished them with stamps. I used fabric safe ink and heat set it. stamp


I had some bakers twine on hand and wrapped it around a wooden spool and threw in a handful of mini clothespins. bannerbanner

I tied the letters in order and finished it off with a pair of acorn caps. picturesDSC_0481I printed a few extra prints of my favorite fall shots. heartfallsAnd used them like gift tags.  I wrote kind words to those I am thankful for and mailed them.

A simple thoughtful idea I wanted to share with you.

Take the time to let those you love, know that you are THANKFUL for them.