Peonies. I Think I’m in Love.

single My peonies were just amazing this year. They have taken a direct hit of roundup from my overzealous husband, TWICE in their 8 year life here on Green Mountain so some years have been better than others. But this year, wow!bouquet on porch

I am AMAZED. I am actually growing something that when I cut and bring into my house and put into a vase it looks like I’ve done something awesome. It’s looks like a magazine cover! I stare at them and show them to everyone that comes over. I post pictures on Instagram. I check on the ones that haven’t opened yet. I fuss at Jack if he gets near the bushes and I’ve taken tons of pictures of them.pinks

I planted 2 more varieties this year. A white and also another pink variety. I only have 5 bushes. Wish I had planted more years ago.teapot fullbench full pink peony

My elderly friend Dottie. She had 45 varieties blooming at once! She shared these tree peonies blossoms with me. So beautiful. I want a tree peony. They are very expensive. I think I will wait till Jack is gone before I make THAT investment. tree peoniesthe tree peony

I took many pictures of these glorious flowers. I admired them until the petals were scattered beneath them.

pinkshot pink

Do not think me some magical green thumb garden girl!!  I planted them they grew. I did nothing, except point out to Kevin (twice) what peonies coming out of the ground look like so he would not spray them with roundup again. So do yourself a favor and go get some for your garden. They need some sun. I thought I would look up what kind I have but there are over 100 varieties.  Go here to look for some you like. Mine do not really have much of a fragrance. I think I will look for some that do next time.

Plant now and this time next year you’ll be thinking about me.

Kateysnow on the mountainDSC_0132


6 thoughts on “Peonies. I Think I’m in Love.

  1. I share your love for these exquisite blooms. I had a pink one and a white one years ago and they were amazing. A cut flower stayed perfect for a week or longer. I moved some from Huntsville that never bloomed there and bought a Sarah Bernhart (pink) this year. Next year I want to find a Festiva Maxima (white) and maybe some cuttings from a lady down the road. Those are the best – passalongs.

    Your photography does them justice. Especially the second one should be in Victoria magazine. Perfect. And, if you don’t know the name, it looks like Sarah Bernhart. Now, what is that pretty little white flower in it? I just changed my screen saver yesterday to a picture of that same sweet little thing that I took in New Orleans. Have not taken the time to find it in books and would love to have some in my garden.

    My daughter suggested that I change my favorite adverb to flower, as in “This is a flowerly amazing plant” or “Katey, you are a flowerly good photographer and writer.” Sounds good to me!

  2. It was a good peony year here in Virginia too. Something about the long spring with no rain at just the right time and some rain just when it was needed! It is worth waiting for! Your pictures are beautiful – and so are you peonies!

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