Frozen Fruit Cups – Summer Must Haves

finished fruit cupAfter Chad was born, many wonderful meals were brought to our home. This recipe was one of my favorites and I have made it every summer since then. It is simply refreshing and delicious on a summer day. There is nothing better than knowing one of these is in the freezer!! Chad and I starting talking about them yesterday and decided to go to the store to get the ingredients and make them. Yummy!!

I have tweaked the recipe a little over the years and vary it depending on the fresh fruit in season but any way you fix it up, you can’t go wrong.fruitcup

I’ve tried these fresh fruits: peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and plums all with good results. Cutting the fruit in small pieces is the trick. The original recipe called for maraschino cherries but I’m not a fan, but they did add nice color.

bowl of fruit

Frozen Fruit Cups
1 12 oz frozen orange juice + one can of water
1 12 oz frozen lemonade + one can of water
16 oz frozen strawberries in juice (chopped strawberries)
1 20 oz crushed pineapples
3 +/- bananas (sliced and then quartered) 
red and green grapes (sliced in half) 
1/2 cup sugar
10 oz plastic cups
In a big mixing bowl, mix juices, water, sugar, pineapples (with juice) and strawberries. Mix with a wooden spoon a couple of times around. Add bananas and grapes. Stir.
Use one of the plastic cups to scoop out and pour into the remaining cups. Cover with aluminum foil. Place in freezer. Takes 4 or so hours to freeze. I’ve used various size cups too and this one seems to fit up well. Plastic works best. 
Makes 12 10oz cups.
Set out to thaw slightly before eating or microwave for a 15 seconds to get it slushy.


cups of goodness


4 thoughts on “Frozen Fruit Cups – Summer Must Haves

  1. I was thinking . . . next time I go to grocery store. But, I am going to see my grands this weekend and can make for them! Wonder how it would work with some jello . . . to soften the brain freeze.

    Thanks, Kateyfriend!

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