Windows and Signs

love the sun

Every window I can remember where it was taken, what city, what little street, where we were going, what we had done. Our trip is burned in my memory, thinking on it every day. I find myself looking through my pictures still on my phone. Wonderful memories.

arch windows

corner houseat a monastère in a village abandoned buildingLook closely at this sign. It is a Pension (family run hotel) where the man in bed is playing an instrument and it’s held by an instrument too coming from a face on the wall. So clever.

lovely penison sign

lovely windowsroad to the castleview of the orchard

These clever guys were on the second floor looking over us on a little sidewalk going up to the castle. The clown guy had balls each hanging from his hands. Fun! 
clever windowon the way to the castle

 We followed the kitty as he made his way into his home. He watched us pass.

cat in the windowlove the purple and yellowlovely viewno thank youwindow box flowers painting the churchfabulous designkettle signlovely colorslove the doorslovely cornersharp sign

In Krumlov a trumpet type horn would sound every morning just slightly before 9am. I tried several mornings in a row to record it. The first morning I got 3 notes and then Kevin laughing in the background. They would sound again in the evening. So lovely.

[responsive_youtube Mxp03zhuSOo]
on the market squarelovely windowage is everywhereat a cafesignslove the shuttersyes please

These two windows in Krumlov were on the same building and are so awesome. One day and one night.


This is my favorite window. It was in Austria. We were driving around and I’m sure I slammed on my brakes (in the passenger side) and told Kevin I have to take this picture. This is firewood stacked up along the side of their house. It’s the perfect combination of enjoying the summer but preparing for winter. I was standing under an apple tree.

the stack of wood

We passed this spot a few more times during our 5 days here and the last day we passed a man pushing a wheel barrel full of apples!! It was the most warm memory, satisfying to keep in my mind’s eye. It’s okay to me not to capture those moments. I will remember them. We had another, we were coming up a sharp curve and a large tractor was on the road with an older man driving and two younger men riding on the fenders over the larger wheels and a few in the back. It was picture perfect of farm life but Austrian farm life. It will stick with me too.