Spring of Wildflowers

It seemed as though Spring would never arrive this year, as if the gray clouds and bland brown landscape and the jackets and sweaters were forever in our forecast. But the first signs are always a warm day here and there and the happy little signs of life deep in the woods along the paths with the blooming of the early rising wildflowers.

They are our hope.

A sign for better things to come. ragwortI have felt the pull to be out of doors every day. Watching. Looking. Seeing what is new and waiting. colors of springSharing the early spring flowers with you today. And where I found them if case you want to find them yourself one spring when you feel the trails calling you.

Bloodroot. Such a nasty name for this beauty. So sunny and happy. Blooming out of the thick leaf litter along the trail. It was a coolish day in the high 50’s when these lined our hike along the Mountain Mist Trail on Monte Sano Mountain.  falserue

False Rue Anemone- false only has 5 petals per flower. They are early bloomers too. Spotted very close to the one below.

And Rue Anemone along the Wildflower Trail on the Land Trust property along Fagan Creek. They have 6 to 12 petals per flower. springbeauty

Spring Beauty. Along the riverbanks in the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary. trillium

Trillium. These were blooming well before any others. I spotted these along the Natural Conservatory on Keel Mountain trail. The flowers here bloom much earlier than those on Monte Sano. troutlilyYellow Trout Lilies. I adore these flowers as they have so much personality as the petals fly back and the leaves are spotted and they spread across the way. So lovely when they are in bloom. Along the Wildflower Trail and also Keel Mountain. hepaticashepatica

Hepatica. Another early blooming. So delicate with its long spindly stem and beautifully colors leaves. It blooms white and blue to purple to pink. Found on the Sinks trail. Monte Sano. mountain mist trailMountain Mist Trail marker. blueviolet

Violets. Another happy flower to join the early spring flowers. North Alabama is lucky to have blue, yellow and white violets. They can be found out your front door. These I found at Keel Mountain. violetsviolet violet violetyellowviolets

The yellow I have seen on the Sinks Trail and these I found on the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary. The white with purple centers in my yard. 
heartfinds I spotted three hearts in one day. A blessed day. ferns

Unfurling of the ferns is my favorite. signtrail

At the Wildflower Trail the Fagan Creek runs right along side the trail and tempts you to rock hop and forge along before hopping back up the trail. My favorite trail for all seasons. buckeye treeThis is a buckeye just barely hanging on. I always see it from above. Today from eye level. It has had several visitors. tree carvingtree carvingI laughed out loud at this one!!!toothwort

Toothwort blooming along the creek. Beauty in the living. wood wood wood

Beauty among the dead.


toothwortI love to see the gifts of spring each day and I hope you make time to enjoy them too.

bluets  Even if they are just in your yard. Take the time to pick and enjoy.






8 thoughts on “Spring of Wildflowers

  1. another beautiful post of things you love! just so so pretty. it is great to be able to enjoy nature through your eyes! thank you so much. you are such a blessing to many!

  2. it is a good thing that Walter wasn’t with you ;) I miss my walks through the spring woods….. this was a lovely way to have a walk in spirit! xxx

  3. Katey, your mom directed me to your blog. What a sight to see!! I have loved wild flowers for years, maybe because I am one. Believe it or not, I have all the ones you recently listed in my gardens at one time. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Barfield

  4. Your post brings in the spring blessings with the loveliness offered here in N Alabama!! Your photos are enticing me to visit the trails!! I am so thankful to have Trillium and lots of violets (my very favorite!) in our backyard…thank you for sharing these treasures you found! Beautiful post! ..xox

  5. Kate its so lush and rich in nature there. I used to work in an herb shop here, and fell in love with them and are their many virtues and uses. Now Bloodroot is being researched as a cancer fighter, I think it can be toxic but handled and refined in the right way they are finding great things it can do. The ferns too; that’s such a fabulous picture, it seems they are unfurling right before our eyes.
    Thanks so much for sharing you part of the countryxxx

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