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Last week I went to North Carolina to help my friend Nina pack up her studio for a move. I was inspired by her awesome storage in her studio. She had wonderful drawers, cabinets, and cubby holes for her treasures. I decided to search for a little cabinet to get myself and my work space more organized. I looked online and found plenty but went to shop locally I did not find anything to help me get organized. But I found a few treasures. Shocking!!


It is a vise. I loved it immediately. The price was good. I bought it. When I brought it home it was huge! Why are things always bigger in your house? It does not fit on our regular shelves. It will have to go on the mantel or the top shelf above the TV. visecollage

We have a very large built-in unit in our den. It looks perfect here. See how big it is next to the suitcase. It’s heavy too. Really love it. How long till the family notices it? closeup


I really like industrial items. They are quite trendy now. I like the usefulness and design of them. Hope you enjoy my Friday Favorites as I picked out some great industrial items to share with you.

Have a great weekend. Katey


'Industrial Revolution' by mtncachers

Vintage Timer Clock Black and White Dark Room Gra Lab Model 168 Great Industrial Look - TheOldTimeJunkShop Vintage Industrial Metal Organizer Small Four Drawer Chest - TheArtifactoryStudio Antique Bulldog Clips Metal Industrial Scotland - Inklinks Old Double Sided Metal Sign, Aircraft & Prisoners - Nachokitty
industrial primitive wooden vice - wretchedshekels Vintage rustic torch for home decor - VintagePresents Antique Cast Iron Hand Cranked Bookbinding Book Press Letter E - C3L35T3 Vintage Brass Post Office Box Door - CopperAndTin
Chippy Red and Rusty Iron Industrial Wheel - SparkleUpcycledGoods Industrial Articulating Task Lamp - Vintage Fostoria Shop Work Light - reLuminate vintage industrial large gray drawer unit - lacklusterco Vintage Industrial Wire Basket - Rusty Chic Home Decor - honeyblossomstudio
ON SALE Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table - in stock - brandMOJOinteriors Vintage Metal Number 0 / 1 Double-Sided Sign / Gas Station Sign in White and Black (12-3/4" x 7-1/4") - Industrial Home Decor, Man Cave - ThirdShift Industrial stool 1960s great, useful stool to use around the house or studio - aTreasureInStore Vintage Benjamin Industrial Hanging Light - Green Porcelain Enamel - GoldenDaysAntiques

Treasury tool by StylishHome.


4 thoughts on “Industrial – Friday Favorites

  1. This industrial piece was used in the inquisition and they didn’t put book in it, but heads. It could be useful for Jack, Kevin or Drew.

  2. how neat! you turned it into a delightful design item for your home…I would have not even given it a second look. what an eye you have and a talent to display such a thing. lovely. love you, mom

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