Finding the Lost

headwindsLosing pictures happens to everyone at least once.

I have lost pictures four times! My graduation pictures when a teacher loaded camera incorrectly, (Philip Bradley remains blissfully unaware of this) a set of baby pictures of Drew that were exposed during developing, our camera stolen while we were building our house and then recently the “bad chip” from our California trip.

I shed tears over every loss.

Especially our California loss.

I said bad things about the airport security screener.

Six weeks later I was picking up my closet floor and saw a micro chip. How did that get here? What’s on it? It was our California trip pictures. I don’t know the how of it, I’ve long since given up the notion that I can reason through my creative organizational skills.

I was thrilled.

It reminded me of the time my mom found a roll of film in her suitcase pocket from our trip to Germany 3 years earlier!!!!  She had looked everywhere for it because it had a special shot of Kevin and I in Rothenburg. She was ecstatic.

Rejoicing for what was lost has been found. It’s such a warm and happy feeling.

I’m sharing with you my favorites from this special gift.

The fantastic Golden Gate Bridge. These were all taken from one visit. The clouds changing the scene dramatically by the minute. the fog the bridge changing thebridgethe fog

Our Muir Woods Visit. Gorgeous and holy woods.

My Nikon can catch the sun beams unlike the iPhone.

sun raysmuir woods muir woods sunray

The 500 steps down to the Lighthouse. steps lighthouse flower The buck we watch chasing a doe. He kept sniffing the air and licking his nose. buck buck sniffing She knew he had his sights on her. She kept a safe distance. deercacaflowerstreeheartHumboldt National Park. kateour drivestraight upsunOur only picture taken of both of us. A fireman took it.  fallen treeAnd finally our encounter with a mama and her two fawns. deer family momma baby fawn

Heres to lost and found again treasures.