Jack and the Acorn

big tree

Jack and I headed down into the gorge today to check out the stream and the countless little water falls created by the big limestone rocks. The stream runs down below our trail on the mountain behind our house.

the fern

On the way it occurred to me, I’ve always lived near a creek. I’ve spent long summer days at the creeks of my youth, back when you didn’t come home till supper time.

Now it’s just Jack and I hiking. I hadn’t planned it. I just stopped the busy work I was doing inside and grabbed my gloves and camera and woke Jack up.

fern by the water

down stream jack in the water the water falls

He loves coming down here. He explores all over. Jumping on the rocks and into the water, running up the mountain side, sniffing. He loves it.


I found this awesome acorn the sun was hitting it, on the beautiful moss, near the stream. I wanted to get a picture of the water in the background. I tried holding the camera low and taking it.

That didn’t work.

I had to lay down on the ground and take it.

the acorn

the acornThen Jack found me!!!

I tried to shoo him away. He dripped water on my acorn

wet acorn

My final acorn shot!

jack's paw

Do you see the dog leg?

Wet dog stepping and dripping all over me… not my favorite. ¬†When it was all said and done my iPhone and lens cap had fallen out of my pocket. and the acorn was gone.

downstream love this shot jack exploring peaceful noise jack waiting

I love his expression here. I just asked him if he was ready to go.

sunning spot

nearing the top waiting

Jack bounded up the mountain quickly. It took me much longer but I could see him waiting patiently at the top. Peeking over, making sure I was still coming.

I hope you enjoyed the acorn pictures and if you have read anything about Jack you can appreciate them even more.

Thank you for reading.