Easter Table

lilacsI love when Easter is late. I want everything blooming! I want to wear my Easter dress without a sweater or jacket. I like dogwoods and azaleas blooming and pollen should be on our cars when we get out of church and the grass so green when the kids look for eggs.

Easter Dinner is not at my house this year but I dyed eggs and decorated a table center piece all the same. I’m going to enjoy it all week. Annie already has partaken on her enjoyment. She ate a violet or three and drank the water out of the Johnny jump up vase, nuzzling out several flowers in the meantime.annie

My eggs I dyed using blackberries I had in the freezer. I wanted a good natural color. I wouldn’t recommend doing it. Aside from the mess, It’s not color fast. I pasted the fresh violets right on the eggs using gel medium a product similar to modge podge. I pasted a few leaves and tied a few stems around the eggs. I think they turned out pretty.eggseggs

Since I used violets on my eggs I decided to used those colors as my theme. I gathered lavender blooms around the yard, lilacs that just started blooming, and a rhododendron, john jump ups, and more violets. We have wild wisteria growing in our yard in three spot and I found some that I could reach to snip too. I used an old tool caddy and gathered up things I had around the house and put it together.centerpiecedo you spy a nosy kitty?Do you see a curious girl in this photo?lilac love

I’ve been enjoying the scent of the lilacs all day.  eastertable

velvet violets


And since we are talking violets I just have to share these with you. I found them on the way to see the bluebells on Monte Sano. So fantastically beautiful!! I spotted them among the regular blue and yellow violets in about 4 spots along a 2 mile trail. I’ve never seen anything like them and I was so excited and took a photo of every one I found.


Kevin just called me to say I wasn’t the only one enjoying the lilacs!! They are blooming so beautifully this year and there is just nothing like them. Even as I had cut them and was walking back to the house, bees were still trying to land on them in my hand. They are that heavenly. I enjoyed watching and trying to capture the butterflies landing on the flowers during the quiet late part of Saturday. Perfect way to end the day.

butterflylilacslilacs butterfly butterfly

Wishing you a lovely Easter week. Thank you for reading and your encouragement along the way.

KateyHappy Easter