Girlfriends in Utah

view of olympic venue Having a friend with a townhouse in Utah can be a really GREAT thing.

Philippa and I bought our tickets in January, with our fingers crossed that we would actually be able to go visit Brenda.

We three met in the spring of 2007 thru our hobby of Geocaching. We’ve been friends ever since, along with Deb. The four of us have been nicknamed the DCW’s. Desperate Cache Wives. We get together most Thursdays to venture out into our area geocaching, but it’s so much more; exploring parks and historical spots, hiking trails and of course eating at hole in the wall places and always stopping for a cute shop or antique store. We seem to know more about our stomping grounds than most people.

So when Brenda moved to Las Vegas last fall our only option was to go visit her. Opting to meet her at their townhouse in Park City. (this time)

Being a trip planner by necessity, it was different landing in a city not having done any research about what we were going to do or what there was to do. I liked it!

Have you been to Utah? mountainsI haven’t been before. It was as beautiful as I had hoped. We hiked behind Brenda’s house twice and took in the views. pan

utahflowers utahpicturesfollowing utahtree

big treefollowingWe hiked below her house following the Provo River. DSC_0334provo riverfishingflowers2

We walked thru woods, cemeteries, state parks, caves, bridges, and traffic. parkcity cemeterytrees park city cemeterysalt lakeMaybe did some climbing too. brendaclimbingand jumping… well sort of. crazyFed some ground squirrels.

You Tube Video of Feeding them. Click here. 



feedingground squirrel And there might have been some falls, meeting strangers, good deeds, ice-cream eaten, nightly googling, coffee stops, four wheeling in a Mercedes, playing cards, staying up too late, some pedicures and definitely too many selfies but I can’t post every picture.

But most of all we had fun being out in God’s creation. lake and being together. friendspicThanks Philippa for navigating and taking notes on caches, teaching us card games and falling first. philAnd Brenda for spending the week with us and driving us everywhere and beating us in cards. brendafriendsI wish we could do it all over again.