Signs of Spring


Our tulip tree is the first to bloom here on Green Mountain.

sun streaming inWe were blessed with a beautiful weekend and it was just enough to encourage her to open up a bit. I took my camera out to take a few photos late afternoon. I love the stages of the blooms and of the brown furry bud sloughing off to reveal the pink blossom.the budopening upopening still

streams of light

I have quince that has been blooming here and there for 2 months but this week all her limbs have decided to join in together.


The daffodils are blooming in places across our property. (But not where I planted them) These in the edge of the woods. The line I planted by our barn not a one bloomed this year.


Our star magnolia we planted 4 years ago is an early bloomer too. I have high hopes for her but so far she just hasn’t lived up to them. How can I say that when her blooms are so pretty? There was even a bee on one of them. A sure sign that spring is very close.

star magnolia

The Lenten rose (hellebore) is so dependable. Tucked away on the west side of a huge poplar tree she blooms and blooms and each one looks so different. Who knows how long she has been here, for she came with the property.

hellaborus hellaborus hellaborus

Went on a hike last week and spotted 4 different wild flowers blooming. I was quite surprised even though it’s a normal time. It’s just sneaked up on me with it snowing and all in March. Not typical in Alabama.

I hope you are enjoying whatever is blooming in your yard. Or in your house. Spring is my favorite.