Valentine Card Swap

wrappedA friend recently invited me to a Valentine Card Swap. The only instructions were to make it on a playing card and use fabric. I had 5 to make to trade. Easy enough.

This is what I came up with.
pink heart. valentinesThese were so fun and really easy. Just started with a cutter quilt, I cut out heart shapes  and blanket stitched around them. Embellished with some trinkets and lace and XO stitches.  I used remnants fabric pieces with touches of some liberty fabric from my mom’s quilting and adding lace and stitches here and there until I thought it looked interesting. be mine flinch cardred heartvalentine2 And wrapping it up in a special way is half the gift! wrappedvalentines valentines3

A little handmade gift doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to be rewarding to you and the lucky recipient. So sharing this with in you incase you’d like to make a special valentine or two for a friend. I hand delivered a special one to my mom and to Inna and mailing my 5 to the swap today. They are just so much fun to make I might have to whip up some more.

Wishing you a lovely February.