Buttercup Field

flint river view Some days hubby and I will meet down at the river and go for a short boat ride after work. It’s especially welcoming after a stressful day, to get out on the water and ride in peace taking in the calmness, watching the turtles sun themselves, a crane step lightly on the shore or the sun tuck behind a floating cloud.

We had such a meeting as this on Thursday. I slipped out of the house and down to the river at 4:30. It was a glorious afternoon. We rode down to where the Flint River joins the Tennessee River and rode up the Flint a short ways. I felt my beat quicken when I saw the field of flowers. Kevin maneuvered the boat so that I could get some pictures but I wanted to be IN the field.yummy yellowDSC_0067

He got me close enough to step on shore and I walked into the middle of the field of wild buttercups. Not the buttercups we normally think of but the wildflower. There were millions and I was content just standing in the middle. When the sun rays touched the field it was as though the flowers were plugged in with their glossy coats.the haze the field overhead closeup yellow tall oneDSC_0067

Beauty found on the bank of the Flint. A gift waiting and I there to receive.

Lucky me.