Queen of Hearts

baby's breathWhile in Williamsburg a few years ago, I spotted a sweet little decoration above the doorway in a transom, in one of the historical homes. I snapped a picture of it and tucked in back in my mind to make one day for Valentines. I not only found the original picture but made one for my own decorations.

Original picture complete with cobwebs.


It’s a simple little paper craft using the king and queen of hearts playing cards. I found mine on the world longest yard-sale. They need to have the right “look” to make this craft work. Vintage cards work well because the figures fill up the whole card. Then some old sheet music or old pages from a book and some double-sided tape, scissors and you can make this easy. queen of hearts

I just free hand cut out the arms and legs and cut out the boots and added to their legs separately. For the skirt, I used a pretty gift wrap I had saved from a friend, but using book pages would work too. I cut out a strip of paper about 10 x 3 and accordion folded it and pinched it in the back until I liked it and taped it with double-sided tape. You could hot glue it too. Then put her legs on over the skirt. I added a touch of lace for her crown and boot tops. king of heartsthe back

The heart-shaped garland, I took a strip of the sheet music that had words I liked and folded accordion about the size heart I wanted where the words would show then cut out a heart shape around the top and bottom of the open ends of the fold leaving the folded parts attached. Make several for added length. The one in Williamsburg says “Virginia Gazette”. he loves her

I put my King and Queen on our mirror over the mantel but you could put them on either side of a wreath, to a glass cabinet or transom. couplequeenking of hearts

I also made a little garland of hearts cut out and I have stamped the words to I Corinthians 13 on each heart and strung them across the mantel on a spool of vintage floss. love is kind love is patient

Both these crafts are quick and easy to help make your home a little special for your Valentine. wedding

If you have any questions about this little project I will be glad to help you. It looks MUCH better on the mirror than can show up. Maybe on a bright day I can try to capture a better picture of them. They are truly adorable!!

Have a lovely time making something this February, whether this or a special home-made treat for your Valentine.


ps: more time-consuming to make while the supervisor is awake. helper