Valentine Tea Party

center piece

A dear friend from North Carolina was here for a visit and I decided to have a tea party. A Valentine’s Tea Party. Little it was to be. I invited my mom. She made scones complete with clotted cream and lemon curd and tarts and my mother in law who made pumpkin bread heart sandwiches with a yummy lemon cream cheese filling. Nina made cucumber sandwiches, which were very nice and refreshing. I cut up the fresh fruit and made banana cranberry bread. We had Yellow Label Lipton tea. It’s only available overseas so we always try to get a box or two when we travel. It’s a very good hot tea. fruit tartspumpkin breadspools of lace

I decorated the table after Chad left for school. I had been laying it out in my mind so it didn’t take long to do. I had gathered the old Valentine postcards out of the album that I had purchased from Ebay last year and hung them from red ribbon from the light fixture and added some favorite things from around the house. The flowers I purchased from Publix. Nothing fancy but just the right colors. post cardspostcardscenterpiece

I loved getting out my vintage dishes, linens and silver spoons and my chintz tea dishes my dad had bought me many years ago. I have plates, tea cups, creamer and sugar and a tea-pot in this rose pattern.  He is an awesome shopper. silver spoonsmy plateZuckerwaiting for the tea

It was a lovely little tea party and we sat right at the table to enjoy the pretty setting. Why don’t I do things like this more often!! The dogs, Walter and Jack may have found the “weak link” at the table and had themselves a little tea party too.

We ended our afternoon by starting an embroidery project from Charlotte Lyons. I love to stitch and her designs call me stitch.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and do something lovely for those you love.