Lily Pad Lake


found a featherJuly 4th we spent the day at Lake Guntersville at our friends lake house. 80% chance of rain and it avoided us all day except a brief 10 minute shower. The girls took the kayaks and paddled over to investigate an island with herons nesting on it and then went on a long  stretch to check out a large lily pad garden. I found a feather on the way. My kayak was named Kiwi. heading to the garden

I had my iPhone in my pocket. This was risky but I did it for you guys! It was so worth it! approaching the garden

As we approached the garden I could smell the blossoms faintly. They had a lemony fresh scent like a magnolia. I was surprised at how big they were too. So tall out of the water. massive lilyflower

The wind was blowing and the current pushed me into the lily pads and trying to take a photo while concentrating on not dropping the oars or my phone took much coordination!

about to bloomcenter podgiant leaveslily flowers

I would paddle out and then float back in while taking pictures. This was my system. It was difficult to paddle out with all the lilies. lily flowersside view

I honestly could have spent hours there. Hours. I wanted to go all the way through and around and just sit in the middle. The rest of the group wasn’t so enamored I guess. They headed back but hung out waiting for me saying they couldn’t leave me in the middle of a lily pad garden.

My friend and I want to go back though and get lost in it, for a while at least.

We so enjoyed our day at the lake, the guys fishing, the eating the laughing the fireworks, the friendships. Enjoy my Favorite Find Friday with Lily Pad Lake.

Have a great weekend.


'Lily Pad Lake' by mtncachers

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