Celebrating Kevin

happy kevin Kevin came into my life when I was 9. We went to the same church. He was a friend of my brother, Dan. Kevin was always kind to me. He didn’t mind if I tagged along fishing at the creek.

Dan did.

We both can recall the time I helped him dig for worms in our back yard. I felt quite sorry for him, thinking he didn’t know where to find the big worms in our yard, and so I showed him. And helped him dig them up.

Back then your friends came home after Sunday morning church to spend the day with you and then back again to church that night. The afternoons were spent outside exploring and playing. I always liked when Kevin came over.

Some years later they gave a home to one of my cat’s kittens. From then on out we always had a reason to talk at church.

And even more years brought us together, for good.

I don’t rightly remember seeking to date someone who I thought would be a good dad, or an excellent provider or someone who would love and respect my parents. That’s not how my brain worked at 15.

What does one seek at that age? A cute guy that makes you laugh, a friend, a Christian, all important things to be sure. But to choose your mate for life at an early age… I didn’t realize then the magnitude of it and so grateful that God guided me and us, that we were raised to let Him do so.kevin at sunset

And so here we are, we’ve been together the majority of our lives.

Kevin and I.kevin and i

We’ve raised two boys, owned a dog and survived and thrived through many things. Today, when I think of Kevin turning 50, I think when did THIS happen? How did it go from saying “last year”, to saying “20 years ago”? But it’s here.

Kevin is 50 today.

Celebrating Kevin today, the man and the boy who lives inside. life guard kevin

Kevin’s laughter brings joy to our house, his way with people draw friends easily but few truly know him. Our family comes first. He treats us all with gentle ways. (Unless otherwise required.) He is very purposeful in all that he does. Motivated, driven and never settles for less. kevin and the boys

He is great at keeping it real. The boys have nicknamed his talks with them as “Pep talks by Kevin Deasy”.

Caregiver, worker, playful and prayerful and friend, Kevin gives. He is loyal and committed.

And wise.

I am blessed everyday by his love and laughter and character.the hug

Celebrating 50 Years!

Love to you. Kate