Buys Along the Way


My WYLS adventure didn’t end Friday night as planned. It was the start of another adventure.

When I woke up Friday morning in Crossville, I couldn’t get this mail sorter cabinet off my mind. I talked it over with my Deddy. He said he would come back with me to get it in the truck. It was 4 hours from my house. It was way early and Kevin wasn’t answering his texts. The cabinet was in Pall Mall. The opposite direction we were headed. Should I go back and try to buy it?

It might be sold.

He might not come off the price.

Kevin might kill me.

On the way there we talked about renting a u-haul and bringing it back, or Deddy buying an old truck to haul it back (joking) or maybe the seller was from Nashville and he could haul it back to Nashville.

When we arrived in Pall Mall, it was still there. The first thing we asked was where he was from, Michigan. Rats! He came off the price making it well worth my trip back up. The piece was much bigger than I remembered. 6 feet wide by 6+ feet tall and 2 feet deep.


No cell phone coverage on these hills of Tennessee so it was some hours before Kevin found out the HAPPY news. Well, I was happy.

Kevin decided to bring me back to pick up the piece instead of making my dad so on our way up over to Pall Mall the next day, we were trying to avoid 127 because of the traffic. We came to a blasting zone and road closing so we were forced to go up into Kentucky. Kevin is a very patient man but he is on the end of his line here. (note: he is on week 2 of a broken tail bone from camp volleyball) I am trying to keep things upbeat about how we are always going to remember this day and our adventure, etc… when on this detour we start coming across barn quilts. Barn Quilt

I was driving and did a quick U-turn to snap this one. I was so very excited. I love to come across these. Kevin started driving and another popped up and then another and he stopped at every one without me asking. barn quiltroosterquilt2

A few were too far off the road or in a bad spot to stop, but we saw about 10 during this detour. What a blessing the detour turned out to be. The whole spirit of our trip improved. sunbonnetsuebarnquiltfield

Part of our drive was in Tennessee and some in Kentucky but all was beautiful. Fields of tobacco, corn and cows and all lovely. Our new piece was loaded up and brought home and everyone loves it!! Now as I look on it, I can’t imagine not having it. The names and addresses are still on it. Typed out on little pieces of paper. Some people shared cubbies. It is from the post office in Spring Lake, Michigan. mailslotmailfile3mailslotpiecemailfile2

Even the cats like it.

And now that I’ve been home and settled down I’ve finally made time to go through my boxes and bags of buys. I made a little setting and took some photos of my buys to share with you. wlysbuys

Books are readily available and such a great price. I spend way to much time looking at them. The little pictures of the cute boy the seller just gave me as I had bought something else in his tent. My Buys

The bottling company is from Alabama and from the 50’s. The middle picture is a hanging tape dispenser. And some jewelry buys from a favorite vendor from Georgia. She always has a great selection of cameos.

my buysI found several old cameras, pulleys, bottles, lots of ephemera … I get lost in old papers.


Deddy was looking for a typewriter for my mom. We stopped by a favorite vendor from last year and he didn’t have one but sent us down the road to a big yard, under big trees, on the porch of a house with a big barn, set off from the road, he has a typewriter….we found the vendor and bought the typewriter and these awesome shutters. He is from Nashville. He had wonderful things. Hope he is there again next year. He said he would be.  more buys

This song book has a variety of pressed flowers within its pages. Love it.

I have a thing with donkeys and this carved donkey bottle cork is fabulous. You lift his tail and his head raises. He is missing an ear. Makes me love him even more!

more buysFound a fabulous school map of Kentucky from 1970. It’s canvas. The colors are great and the price even better. Even someone in the tent came up to me after I left the tent and said that was a great buy!

stained glass

I bought this wonderful stained glass window from a great vendor in a plain mini skirt. She had it going on.

Deddy ended up with 3 typewriters so I got one of them and it looks so very perfect on my new mail piece.


This last picture needs an explanation. Chad told me to find him something unusual, at the yard sale, maybe a cool key chain (since he collects them)

I found this!

lucky charm

It actually says Lucky Charm around the brass part! It’s so creepy.

He won’t keep it in his room.

I bought a few more treasures that are poked back for gifts. I also bought the old white street signs but didn’t get a picture of them. They are really awesome.

See not one linen in the bunch! I stuck to my deal.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my buys. There was so much more I wanted that was just not realistic to buy either to sell or to fit in my home or just too expensive!

Thanks so much for reading.