The Foal


He is 10 days old. the colta stratchIt’s magical to enter a field with a momma and a foal and watch them. It was sheer joy. baby loving on momma

His legs are too long for him to reach the grass so he would have to stretch them out. trying to reach the grassthe baby

He would leap and run across the field playfully. sweet babyHe approached me a couple of times for a scratch on his head. He felt like velvet. Kevin watching from the gate and couldn’t stand it anymore and had to join me. He too got a visit from “Smokey”. approached me for a rubmomma and baby

This fellow cracked me up peeking around the corner of the barn. helloI would be taking pictures and look up from my camera and this guy would be standing right beside me, basically breathing in my ear, thinking he was missing out on something. Maybe he is a little jealous of all the attention the little guy is getting.

lovely light

There is a fox den here I wanted to get a picture of the momma and maybe a baby. I did get some parting shots. Momma fox barked at me (of course THAT is the picture I wanted but alas I was unprepared) and ran away leading me away from her den. She is a beautiful red fox and a good mother!

momma fox returningAnd if you look closely you can spot one of the babies looking my way.

baby fox

the farmThis is the momma horse that I took a picture of in this post when she was expecting. I’ve been watching for her all spring to have a little foal by her side. When I drove by last week and saw him we were beginning our road trip to Atlanta but that didn’t matter we stopped and admired him! Thank you to our sweet friends for having an open gate for me to take photos. It has been a blessing to me!

quiet time

On this Mother’s Day Weekend, I wanted to share these sweet photos of mothers and their young.

Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day.