Hilton Head South Carolina

azaleas We went to Hilton Head, South Carolina for Spring Break. I had some apprehension because I was concerned it would be touristy. Not a fan of that. Plus we live closer to the Gulf Coast which has awesome beaches and we love going but I wanted to go somewhere new.  Kevin wanted a beach. So I picked HH and sold the family into going. Found a condo on homeaway, rented bikes and loaded up books and magazines to read and enough snack foods to keep us all happy.

The spanish moss (granddeddy whiskers as I called it growing up) hanging from the trees and the azaleas blooming and the live oaks were a good sign that I was going to like it. cemetery

the canopyThe first thing we did was ride our bikes to the beach.the beach walk

the guysWe love to explore so we went geocaching and that generally takes you to some interesting spots.  We found ourselves on the very southern tip of the island, the oldest structure on the island, ruins of a plantation, a Veterans park, a web cam at a famous restaurant called the Salty Dog and various other parks and scenic spots on the island. Kevin and Chad most liked the rope swing we found on a trail.

ropeswingcemeterylands endIMG_4638

We love to eat local especially while traveling.  Lucky for us our condo owner had left a list of his favorites. We tried them out. Italian, barbecue, a bakery, and seafood! We ate great!! The sweet tea was so good at the Crab Shack that I rode home with a cup to go in my basket on my bike. Love local.

crab shackjim and nicks

salty dog cafeI guess because of the weather it didn’t really seem like a beach vacation. It was warm but the wind made it chilly. The beaches are wide and packed sand. Very different from the Gulf Coast which we are accustomed to. We rode our bikes on the beach and did our share of people watching.

bike riding

We found ourselves sitting in front of this little inlet river watching people who had found themselves “trapped” on the other side who came walking/jogging/biking from the north. It became highly entertaining as we tried to guess how they would react when they saw the predicament they were in. If they decided to cross they would get wet. The couples were the best, especially once when the wife was on the shore side and her husband was the one trapped. After much arm waving and arms on the hips and pointing they turned around. But then again the runners who jumped for it were just as much fun to watch. crossing

This lady didn’t want to cross but her friend went straight through so she was forced to follow. She walked on her heels to try to keep her toes out of the water. Fail! (We were a safe distance away so no one was aware of our peels of laughter. My iPhone is zoomed way in)


It is a beautiful place and a great place for families. There is something for everyone. Plenty to do and nature abounds. It’s a “planned community” on the beach. I had wished for more historical spots, but there is Savannah, Georgia one hour south and Beaufort, South Carolina one hour north. bike ridingthe flag

horsespretty fruit

irislighthouselive oaks IMG_4811

I wish you a wonderful Spring, now that is officially feels like spring, It’s my favorite time of the year.

Thank you for reading.