Unfurling Spring

fern poem As I walk my everyday trail, it’s high above a stream that flows deep down in the valley. During the winter I can see the stream and the whites of the waterfall. During the summer I can hear it. Last week, after a few days of rain the stream was full and loud and calling. I decided to go down for a visit. ferns2 ferns3 It was impulsive. I didn’t have the right shoes. I was alone. Well, Jack was there. ferns4resurrectionfernferns6 I started out following the stream down and was incited by the ferns growing along the banks to continue. The water was high so crossover spots were not readily available and I had to resort to walking/crawling a fallen tree and some very creative rock hopping to get back but my adventure was amazing and the falls beautiful. But the ferns were my favorite. logwalkerfallsBelow the huge fallen pine, large pieces of bark had fallen on the ground and ferns grew up in-between the wide planks of bark.fallentreebarkEven a large piece on was top of newly sprouted ferns and I uncovered them. They had grown with odd angles. log2IMG_7221waterfall The falls were beautiful and I enjoyed the long hike and peaceful sounds of the water.

A little video to see and enjoy along the stream.

I think a detour along a hike is a pleasant thing. This might have been a little much with the water so high, but no one was able to see me tittering on the rock in the center of the stream debating which foot to step with next, or to hear when my walking stick broke and floated down the stream, or me crawling across the high fall pine. Or the sigh when I was trying to catch my breath and I received a text from Chad asking what was for dinner. All things done without thought years ago but now not so much.