It’s That Time

Labor Day marks the end of summer. The weather doesn’t know that here in Alabama but we have had a few early mornings with a crisp edge to it. But Alabama DOES know it’s football season! You don’t have to have a house of boys to know it either. The grocery stores have displays featuring tailgating, the department stores have huge displays one decidedly orange and blue and the other which is quite a bit larger this year of crimson and white.

Auburn and Alabama are a big rivalry here in Alabama. Lately it’s been Alabama’s turn to glow in the spotlight which has been a good thing for our family. We are Alabama fans. We moved to Huntsville when I was in the 4th grade so I didn’t know anything about that sort of thing. We watched the Cowboys. I had a Saints sweatshirt too. But I remember standing in my friends room in 6th grade (which also happen to be the same room that I first kissed a boy but that is another story) and I looked on her wall and she had a sign that said Auburn. I asked her what that was. I got a lecturing right then and there!!!

I do love football though. Not just the sport, but the season because it brings with it my favorite things. Chilly weather, fall colors, soups and chili in the crock pot, sweaters and mittens, scarves, coffee in the afternoon, cold hungry boys storming in at night, walks in the woods without worry of snakes, runny noses from the brisk wind, fires in my hearth. Its all good.

Enjoy the weekend that starts it all.


'ROLLLL TIDE ROLLLL ' by mtncachers

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