A Scared Woman

A Strong Scared Woman

Above my desk, beside my window, hangs a mixed media piece I bought years ago from a local artist. It’s a woman made out of a paint scraper, arms and legs of old square nails and her head, well its an old dodge truck ram head hood ornament (lovely visual I know). But one of the reasons I love her is scrawled at her feet “A Strong Woman”. I want to be a strong woman. Most of the time I felt like I was.

Starting this blog hasn’t been easy. I am scared. I am not a strong woman anymore. I have thought about it and pushed it back in my mind. But it keeps creeping up. Keeps squeaking in my ear when I’m quiet enough. I took an ecourse back in January to March about using the gifts God gave us to bless others. (I’m not saying my blog is going to bless you) But it got my mind and heart all turned up and thinking about things other than the day to day stuff that keeps us all occupied 100% of the time if we let it, thinking about all the things that God has given me that I am not using.

During the time of the Creatively Made ecourse, I went to hear my sons’ band competition. Between performances there was an army quintet performing and giving some advice to the band members about improving and what he said really hit home to me. He said, “if you are comfortable where you are performing you need to find another hill to climb.” I’ve been “comfortable” for a long time in many ways. I need a hill. It’s really cool how God puts things in your life when you need to hear them AT a time when you are ready to hear them. So I’m climbing some hills now, hills I’ve been wanting to climb for a while, one of them is the blog hill.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will stay around see what we find on the way.