Ephemera. Favorite Find Friday

Ephemera is a new word to me but it’s meaning is not.The dictionary states is a class of collectable items not originally intended to last for more than a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards, or labels. To me it’s mementos, keepsakes stuck in a drawer reminders of a vacation, a receipt or business card from a favorite shop or an interesting  bag a purchase was wrapped in. It is the things that make up the scrapbooks from our past, concert ticket stubs, birth announcements, foreign stamps and postcards. I’ve always been drawn to these things.

Recently I went to check out an antique auction and they had several albums of old postcards. They had been lovingly collected and organized by the holiday or style. The colors were soft and warm, the words equally so.  I didn’t stay for the auction but it got me really wanting some of these postcards so I started watching several lots on eBay and came across a book and got a great deal on over 200 old ones. They date between 1905 and 1940. They are just so gentle and innocent. Some are funny. I plan to sell some of them,  give some as gifts, put some in with the receipts for my Etsy sales. and frame a few. They are delightful. I will share them as the seasons come but here are a few.

This next one, has a little envelope attached with a little letter inside. It is difficult to read but sounds like a son working away from home and is homesick. So dear, and quite ingenious.

What a slogan! “Don’t Knock. Boost!” Wow!!! Can’t you just see the busy bodies in their aprons on rushing to each other’s houses to spread the latest gossip. Today it should read. What would it read in today’s times?

Many artist use ephemera to make mixed media projects from journaling to jewelry to layering canvas as a backdrop to their art. There are many types available on Etsy. I have made this my Favorite Find Friday today. Next week I will feature ephemera in art as my Favorite Friday.

As a side note. I have difficulty remembering how to spell it but evidently I am not the only one, as of yesterday 116 products were listed under a misspelling. So I included a few of them so they would not be left out. It is pronounced ephemera [ih-fem-er-uh].

Enjoy and have a great weekend. I have been on many a great adventure the last two weeks so I apologize for not writing last week. Katey

'Ephemera! When will I learn to spell you?' by mtncachers

Antique Lot of Love Letters from Rip to Miss Dolly - reginasstudio
Two superb large sheets antique French Shares with stamps Pharos Paris - passionatelyparis
Antique Wedding Photo Beautiful 1920's Photograph - cantapunks
Lot of Vintage French Postage Stamps for Altered Arts Collage Destash - PaperAeroplanes
Vintage 6 Book Bundle Instant Collection Novels Old Green Books  1930s 40s - vintagemaryann
Autograph Album, Antique Book, Victorian Decor - WhimzyThyme
Vintage Map Alabama 1960s Suitable for Framing - sprinkles101
1900s Gorgeous Small Antique Paris French Book - reginasstudio
Vintage Ephemera - Mixed Pack of Over 25 Game Pieces and Cards - TeaAndLaundry
Antique Grocery Store Ledger Sheets - Receiving Book - 1892 - Great size to add to journal pages - GathererGreatThings
1905 - DACHSHUND Dog, BABY, PUPPET- French Embossed Postcard - FascinatingHobbies
Vintage Sheet Music Paper Pack - 20 Sheets Great Mix - katieblue
Onionskin Typewriter Paper ALMOND (vintage) 30 sheets per pack - typeBtypewriters
Vintage Wallpaper Sheets PINK ROSES 8 x 10 c1940s Mixed Media Jounaling ATC Tags - Jenz4seasons
Vintage Tickets - 40 Tickets - misschief
vintage paper ephemera lot of 6 early OREGON POSTCARDS boy w salmon Columbia River more - mudintheUSA

Treasury tool by StylishHome.