The Daisy Trail


Chad and I went for a walk on the Nature Trail right down from our home. We were soon greeted by a little girl with her younger brother in tow. I could see them from a distance gathering daisies that were growing along the bank of the trail. She had a handful but every few steps would stop and pick a few more. And yet another one. She was in a hurry too. Maybe mom had the picnic ready.

I asked for a picture. I told her that her flowers were pretty. She said, well my brother he has sticks too. And he did. Sticks held tightly in his fist along with a few daisies. Their cheeks all rosy to match their strawberry blonde hair. She held a single feather in her left hand. photo

As we walked the trail that loops the lake, we came across little picked daisies scattered along the trail. The first flowers we found lay inside the covered bridge, a few floating along beside the turtles, who were hungry but not for flowers. fallen flowersfloatinghungryfloating

More spotted in the pathways, here and there they had slipped out of her bouquet and lay on the ground.

daisies daisyJust when I thought she had not dropped any more…we would come across another. along our paths
daisy love he loves meIn the hustle and bustle of this week (graduation week), I relished this walk with Chad. I purposely did not question him about anything.

Not about college, work, girls or grades.

I just walked beside him and pointed out interesting things along the way. Leaving us free to just listen to the birds and our footsteps and let our minds wander.

We took the long way around.

a walk with Chad iris iris iriswaterfoundaincovered bridge

I tried not to think about how it was just yesterday he was picking flowers with sticks in his hands wearing super hero t-shirts.

It was good. Life is bittersweet.