Long Way Home

The colors are really beautiful here on Green Mountain in north Alabama and I look out my windows and think I should be out THERE instead of doing whatever I am avoiding doing inside. Do you do that? Have stuff you need to do but you do other stuff to avoid doing what you should be doing? In fact I’m doing that NOW!

I had an appointment Wednesday and I took the long way home and stopped and took pictures of beautiful things. I hope you enjoy them. We should all take the scenic route more often.

one of her twins tried to play with her while she was eating and she knocked him out of her way and flipped him a few times. his feelings were hurt for a few minutes before he begin to play with his sibling.

i found out later from the mann’s that the black mare is expecting in march. making this picture much more special.

Checking my mail, I was rewarded with this beautiful display of fall on the rock wall. I hope you find beauty in unexpected places too. Have a blessed weekend.