Days With Annie

You might remember me writing about Annie, a few years ago when I met her in England.  There is more to our story…..

Originally, our trip two years ago, we had plans to meet Annie. My father had bought some things from her Ebay shop and they had an ongoing correspondence over the years, and he wanted to meet this special lady. I had begun emailing Annie about our plans to visit and I just knew we’d be friends. We couldn’t wait to meet her and decided to meet at an antique flea market. As you know, Mom and Dad couldn’t go but Kevin and I proceeded with plans and met Annie. We became instant friends… I told about her story here. Two fast years later, I returned to England with my Mom and Dad and first on our list was to meet Annie!

We were fortunate enough to get to see Annie three days while in England.

The first day, she treated us to afternoon tea at Ettington Park Hotel. It was just a beautiful location steeped with very interesting history. The afternoon was such a joy. We felt like royalty. 

Our next day, I had invited Annie to go with us to visit Slad, a tiny town, home of the poet/author Laurie Lee and to also visit Chavenage House in Gloucestershire. Annie was keen on both things but insisted on driving us. What a treat for all of us!! Our own personal chauffeur!!

Slad was beautiful, and tiny. We walked through the graveyard and visited the church. The drive was lovely. Annie was required to read “Cider with Rosie” in school. (I plan to read it soon).

We had hopes of having a cup of coffee in the famous Woolpack Inn, but it was not yet opened so we pressed on. 

The day became quite messy but it did not dampen our spirits. We were welcomed in the Chavenage Home by the family. It’s a family affair, with the brother of the owner giving us the tour. The home is used in Polkdark, as one of the main homes. It had quite a lot of history and it was fun spotting things we had seen in the show. 

We popped into Tetbury to have lunch. It was alive with a fair/market of sorts but was pouring down rain. It was a shame as it was an interesting town with plenty of shops to incite us to spend our “flea market money”. Only stepped into this little shop to get out of the rain, but I certainly could have spent a long while here and lots of money.  It was packed with goodness. 

It was such a full day with Annie and we loved being with her and appreciate her hubby letting her spend the time with us. We sent him gifts of Thanksgiving.

Happy to have our raining day behind us…. we got home and made a cup of coffee and had a sweet treat. Bless Annie for her long driving day.

Our last day with Annie we went to the International Antiques and Collectibles Fair. It’s the largest Antique Flea Market in Europe. It’s actually on the “1000’s places to see before you die”. It is in Newark. We met Annie there, as we were staying in the area afterwards.

It was so incredible to see so many wonderful things. It was a bit overwhelming. I learned lots of things and enjoyed seeing what everyone admired and bought.

I wish I had bought more but did come home with several treasures. Two of which Annie spotted and got for me. An antique silhouette in a leather frame and a little envelope of baby mother of pearl buttons.

The internet sure makes our world small and it’s a gift for many reasons but my favorite reason is the people you meet. Likeminded people connect and friendships form. We would never know Annie.

Annie is beyond generous and so attentive to everyone’s needs. She was so incredibly helpful and made us feel so loved. I was so very grateful I was able to see her again. We thought maybe we would never meet again, but I’m so thankful that was not the case.

Thank you Annie for loving us like family and making our trip extra special.

Glad to add another chapter to our story.