curved branch

beeThe cherry blossom trees are just showing off this year (as my mother is fond of saying). We have two on either side of our drive and I spent Monday afternoon with the nose of my camera in them.

Tuesday I drove by our church and remembered how awesome they looked Sunday so I did a quick turn around and pulled in to take some pictures. I found a curb side full of pink petals. I reached in and grabbed handfuls and sprinkled them into the air. The wind whirled them around me. I was in my own little world of pink. curb

handfulI didn’t want to leave.


I went back today with cute shoes and my “real” camera and took a few more shots. I had taken a feet picture when there Tuesday and hubby said, your shoes are showing up in this picture. haha But this one truly deserves THE feet picture!!!  the shoe shotpetalsclose up of cherry treecherry treebuds

Storms are coming tomorrow so I know the blossoms will be gone. The dogwoods are just beginning to peek open so hopefully they will hold fast. I hiked into the State Park to take photos of the awesome Virginia Bluebells and will post about them next. They are spectacular.

Enjoy Spring!