10 Years

handprintshandprintsToday marks 10 years since we moved into our house here on the Mountain. This is the  longest I’ve ever lived in any house. I find both facts difficult to believe.

Kevin and I built our forever house in 1999. Never-to-move-and-my-grandkids-will-visit-me-here house. That was until we saw a little for sale sign on the mountain. It was spring of 2002. We were headed to Kevin’s parents for dinner to celebrate my birthday. We stopped. The azaleas and dogwoods and red buds were blooming. The birds were singing and the sky was so blue. I remember telling Kevin, I would build again for this.roses

We had to use some imagination to picture ourselves here. There were two mobile homes, lots of dreck outbuildings and dog pins and more outbuildings and junk piled up in the woods and a creepy storm cellar. photos

But, I saw the boys tramping through the woods to their tree house. Kevin saw privacy. I saw a garden. Kevin saw the woods. We both saw living on the mountain we loved. And Kevin’s parents live just a mile down the road. Just down the street was the Nature Trail, we went on picnics and walks while dating. Kevin brought me here to collect leaves for my 11th grade science project. We already had fond memories of this place.blooms

We came back to visit again. And again. We talked and prayed. Called the realtor. (who is our friend) to get details. One Sunday after church we stood under the tall magnolias, circled around, holding each other’s hands and prayed over the land one final time before we made the call the next day to put in our offer.

Counter-offers went back and forth, but we never could reach an agreement with the owner. After much negotiation, we were still tens of thousands of dollars apart.

Although disappointed, we moved on thinking it wasn’t meant to be.

October the same year, Kevin and I were driving back from Atlanta after going to the flea market and we got a call from the realtor. The owner of that land wants to sell it. Are we still interested?

Kevin called him back and said yes and gave him a low offer. Much lower than our original offer.

Offer accepted.

So on this stretch of HWY 72 in 10 minutes, our path changed directions.newhouse

I’ve always been taught that God answers our prayers with yes, no, or wait. And our no in April was really a wait and then a yes in October. And not just a yes, but there’s more.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Just as when my dad took a job here in Huntsville, and Mr. Deasy as well, the course of our lives changed forever, so did our lives moving to the Mountain. The schools the boys attended, the friends they made, the teachers they had. The girls they dated. All changed.

The unfolding of the story continues, but we’ve been blessed by our decision on HWY 72 and I hope others have been blessed too.

Celebrating 10 years in our home makes today extra special.

Happy Valentine’s Day