September Box 2016

flower Mom and I have been exchanging September Boxes for five years!! Once an idea, has now become a tradition and we both look forward too each year.

This year we met at my house and mom brought some soup she had made. I set the table up pretty with linens and flowers and made a plate of fruits and cheeses. This year was no less exciting than the first year!lunch

We each fill a tin or cigar box with little treasures we have selected for one another. (To read the history on this click here).

Mom gave me a tin that was my great grandmother’s sewing box. I can remember Tease having it when I was a little girl and then my mom using it ever since then. A loooong time.

Presentation is everything….. and mom is the queen of presentation!

my box

And it was full of many lovely things….great grand mothers sewing box ribbons Mom made this pin cushion using fabrics from a quilt we made together for Ali’s graduation. (She is going to be an elementary teacher and the quilt pattern was “Color Me Crayons”)gratitude september2016

And then Mom’s box…

I try to have a theme but it doesn’t always pan out but at least it’s a starting point. This year it started with an old silver plated napkin ring that I bought several years ago at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Engraved on it was “Mother”. I looked here and there for Mother things. Some I got on eBay or etsy and a few I picked up at local antique stores.

mom's box

mother and child

momsseptemberbox3 A finished sampler given to me from Charlotte Lyons when mom was in the hospital. I did almost all of it at her bedside, but finished the last bit for her box. samplerladybug Perhaps the sweetest little vase ever….sweetest vase momsseptemberbox2

My favorite part of this tradition is that I am consciously keeping mom in mind when I’m out and about shopping at estate sales or antique shops and then getting to sit down with her and share these things. It’s just about my favorite thing we do!

I often hear from women they want to start this tradition. I hope they have. Anytime that we can set aside a time to be with a loved one is a worthy time. And opening gifts is just icing on the cake.

Much love,