Sights of Summer Among Us

black eyedSummer. It’s a season that brings childhood memories back like no other.

The summers laid out ahead of us, creeping along.

Boredom struck us and we began creating ways to entertain ourselves. hayqueen anneyellow field Sleeping late.

Dreading the chores left on the refrigerator.

Summer smells of sweet cut grass and fresh laundry on the line.

Looking for the bird singing and finding them high above your head on a bare limb, and the woods swaying to the song of the crickets.

Catching glimpses of nature.


[responsive_youtube 9Ts3TL5Vw5o norel]


queen ann spotted love Trips to the creek.

Anticipation of picking dinner from the garden, fresh fruit stands selling peaches. purplefindsfriendswishful Daydreaming and afternoon naps in the sunshine.

Homemade ice-cream. Watermelons with salt. naptime   IMG_9834 DSC_0393 Laying in the grass. Finding four leaf clovers and catching lighting bugs. tomato blooms School and organized activities pinch off more every year from my kids, but I hope I give them the chance to get bored, be creative and take in the spirit of summer like I did. nest daisies fields I love the start of summer. The potential in the warm breezes.

I hope your summer is warm and happy, relaxing and sweet.

Find time to look around and see the beauties of summer.