Valentines of Yesteryear

heart valentinesSeveral years ago at the World’s Longest Yardsale, Dad and I visited a favorite vendor who had a suitcase full of vintage and antique Valentine’s Day cards AND they were a very good price. We stood over that suitcase reading cards for over an hour. They were just so dearly worded with sweet images printed. I purchased a good deal of them and had to walk away before we even went through them all.

This clock one is my favorite! “You got the nicest WORKS of anyone I know!”


I list a few on Etsy each year. The mechanical ones seems to sell quickly but I’m more drawn to the simple ones with sweet captions. doggydoggy caption

I brought them out today and set up in a sunny window in my newly painted craft room and took some pictures of my favorites. I gathered some other goodies and enjoyed making little vignettes while sipping a cup of coffee. courtvalentinesbridegroom gardencardHoneycomb cards. honey combMechanical cards.mechanical Those from my generation.
vintageback I particularly like the dutch cards. shoeA few donkey ones from my dad.

donkey donkeycardbride

clockThis amazing Victorian one is from Germany.
DSC_0046with desperate words. caption bridal party heartsOn this day set aside for Love, I hope you are able to share it with someone you love.