Birthday Proverb

aprilLast summer at the World Longest Yard Sale, I came across a lady selling stacks of “Ladies Birthday Almanacs”. I thumbed thru them and decided to find the year I was born and buy it. What caught my eye was the “birthday proverbs”, a verse in the bible was given for each day of the year. I wanted to find MY verse.

my verse

My birthday is April 22, 1968. I decided to use a very special bible to look up my verse. I chose the bible that my great-grandmother, Tease, gave me on my first Christmas. The bible is made of olive wood from Jerusalem. the bibleback of biblelooking it up

bibleverseI Corinthians 2:9

I love my verse! A verse of hope, a verse of purpose, a verse for courage and love and blessings to come. This verse is one to live by. Do we need to know anything else? Love Him! I’m good with that!

Love HIm.

I want to do that better this year.

I think everyone should know their “birthday proverb”. If you were born in 1968 I can help you out! I wish they still made them!

Update: So I looked up my best friend’s “birthday proverb”. She was born in 1968 too. Well,…… let’s just say they can’t all be winner verses.

Job 14:1 Man who is born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble. Sorry Janine!! Why would they even choose that to be one of the verses??? hahaha

My thoughts on buying Ladies’ Birthday Almanacs as unique gifts for friends just took a detour. I would have to look up the verses FIRST before buying.

After recently going through some old pictures I came across some favorites, sharing a couple of early pictures with you.first birthday

My first birthday

dad and iMe and my dad

liked flowers then tooI love this last one. I haven’t changed much. Still walk around in the yard with my hair in a pony tail, picking flowers especially pink ones.

Have a lovely day.