The Gift of Winter

morning viewSnow fall in Alabama is a gift of winter. We remember the big snow falls by years, 1988, 1993, 1996, 2011… We rarely get a big snow and lucky to get a dusting or two a winter. Morning lightWhen a snow comes along it’s worth stopping everything to enjoy, to become a kid again, to make snow cream, to run outside when it’s drifting down and to find your boots and crunch through the snow and make snow angels.underside

We had several inches of snow on Tuesday and then some icing and then 6 inches of snow Wednesday afternoon and night. I took pictures during all these wondrous changes as they were happening. Each beautiful in their own way. Most of the snow came Wednesday night so I set my alarm on Thursday morning to be sure and catch the morning light hitting our snowy world. morning light light on our barndogwoodBut my absolute favorites were the snow piled high on the frozen limbs with glistening droplets sparkling through the woods as the sun was reaching out to each one. snowing limbcrystalsI could not stop looking at the beauty of what had been given to us. snowing treesnowing morn

Even Annie knew something special was happening outside. annie

Before the snow started falling things had iced over. I captured beauty in ordinary things.

Pine needles. ice on pine

A weed. chandlierRose hips

rose hips Dogwood on treeI loved seeing where the deer had been by their steps in the snow and Jack running and acting like a puppy again.  And the beautiful blue, blue sky. IMG_4650jack snowing pin magnolia After our first snow. logsAnother thing about snow in Alabama, rarely does it last long, which is another great plus because just about the time I’m over the snow, it’s gone. This is good.

It just wasn’t gone soon enough for our sweet mailman. He got stuck in our driveway delivering our mail. Luckily our neighbor down the street was able to tow him out. He had to make two trips to his house after his first line broke. (Kevin was gone to work) mailman

We loved it while it was here and glad when it was gone. It will be some time before our patio looks like this again.

Thank you for reading and looking at all my snowy pictures.