September Box 2020

Whoa Nelly! What a 12 months we’ve had since I have been here last. I have to admit there were several times that I didn’t think I would have another September Box with my mom. Bleak and uncertain times. But I am beyond happy to say that each week since the start of summer has been an improvement. Mom even drove to my house for our annual September Box exchange. What a beautiful time it is to be together.

I cherish this tradition. Even more so this year.

I truly love the year long preparation of mom’s September Box. I tuck away little finds throughout the year and as September nears, I pull out the stash and see what I might need to add to it, or more likely, what do I need to pull out and give for Christmas!

these are like mom’s old recipe cards from many years ago.

We both always include something handmade. Nothing that either one of us ever spoke of when we started this tradition, but something we have always done.

beautiful padded hangers mom covered and embellished (we did a similar project in the late 80’s that included lots of lace, ribbons and buttons. :)

This is the first year that we both gave each other a small quilt. And we both gave each other some lavender. A first! Great minds think alike.

you might recognize my I Corinthians 13, Love is….stitching I did in February. It is only fitting that she should own this as she was the first to teach me what love is.
mom made me a little chickie quilt adding skirts and party hats such as I had dressed mine when they were chicks. She’s so clever.

We both also buy items from artisans we follow on Instagram or Etsy. Another thing we just both happen to do…

House Wren Studio lavender pillow kit, French General pin cushion and The Little Studio
Hens Teeth Art, the sweetest little brooches and postcards.
Noodle and Lou sweet custom made dolls.
Caroline Zoom’s The Stitchers Journal a truly extraordinary gift from the UK.

Add little things that we pick up at estate sales, local shops, or from shopping our own stash and it all adds up to a collection of thoughtful gifts.

And carefully wrapped…. and carefully unwrapped.

Sharing stories of the items, we take our time and relish each minute.

Having a special lunch date with just the two of us is gift enough. But add the September Box and it makes it an event!

Especially this year.

Especially with mom.

xo Katey

PS. To read about how our tradition started many years ago… 9 years ago, click here.