September Box 2019

Another September Box has come and gone and I’m left with this image of a happy mom and daughter. A memory of a sweet time together, highly anticipated, (for a whole year by both of us) exchanging treasures we’ve found or made for each other.

Each year it gets better. Is that possible?? You be the judge.

And the goodness continues as I open the tin from my mom…..

What a lovely exchange we shared. I told mom I don’t know which is better watching her open her goodies or getting to open mine!

Our exchanged started many years ago…. click for the back story.

I recommend starting your own exchange, whether with your mom or daughter or a best friend or even a one time gift that is a tin or box tucked full of goodies you have gathered over a period of time, while thinking of this special person.

It’s a tradition that stays with us all year… as we open one we start collecting for the next. I keep my boxes mainly still together and look thru them occasionally and the sweetest feelings circle out of them and fill me.

Love the giver,



14 thoughts on “September Box 2019

  1. So very beautiful!!! The story! The packaging! The embellishments!! All the handiwork!! The thoughtfulness!! The beautiful smiles!! But most of all the love that goes into this tradition!! I’m so very thankful to know you both!! XO

  2. Aren’t you the lucky one to have someone so special who thinks about you all the time. And your mom is very fortunate to have such a lovely daughter. Love you both, Merry

  3. I was in the muddle of commenting when I got a call from overseas so here I am again. You know I love this tradition with Dian and look forward to it as mych as you both do. So much LOVE goes into you each thinking of one another as you carefully make and/or spot the perfect items for each other. Love the doggie you made Katey and the embroidery as well as the hexagons Dian gave you. I have the Tim Holtz bag of vintage people too and have used a few already. As you said, it gets better and better every year.

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