Estate Sale Story

I have dreams about good estate sales… an attic that is full to the rafters of lace, sewing notions, linens, tiny dolls, silver spoons, antique baby clothes AND no one knows about it. Boxes and boxes of treasures to sift thru.

I love going to estate sales. I find many things to resale in my Etsy shop which is my primary reason for going but I also find things for our home and to give to others. You never know what you will find. Never ever.

This year I’ve made a point not to go to any sales or auctions and instead try to get my inventory listed in my Etsy account. BUT last week I saw the ESTATE SALE sign just down the street on the way home and I had to check it out.

All these things I found at this sale.I get so excited when I spy something good. But I never show it, It’s all business. But my inside self cheers and swoons. And then I quickly add it to my stash held close to my body and I keep looking. 

Most things I just know I want and in my pile they go and when I get home I relish really looking them over……..  like a friend in need. or a bridal veil pattern full of clippings. 

I really like the old, the worn and the loved and used.And the bit of surprise or unexpected.and the cheap. (cheep)

I had my arms full of goodness and was in the line to pay when an older man came up to me and said I noticed you were collecting sewing things. And he handed me this sewing kit. He spotted it and thought I’d want it. 

I was so touched. I thanked him profusely.

I asked him his name. Tommy.

He asked me if I resale things. I said yes but not sewing things! I collect them and this will be mine. He smiled.

He collects old Huntsville Memorabilia and rocks.

I love estate sales and people like Tommy.




9 thoughts on “Estate Sale Story

  1. I loved this! Seeing the pictures was a trip down memory lane. Once again I was that little girl standing beside my grandmother and great-grandmother and their weathered hands worked their magic using some of the same treasures that you found. Thanks Katey!

  2. You are just so clever in words and in deeds. Your words about your deeds. And you do such creative things with your goodies. Yes, such a clever girl!!

  3. The lil things you find are soooo beautiful and these brought back sooo many memories for me! Would love to tag along with you on these lil “side trips” to estate sales. I would just enjoy watching you finding your lil treasures! Thanks for sharing. Love you!

  4. Another delightful armchair excursion with you! Your pictures and story-telling are so wonderfully engaging. I understand what you mean about the gathering and keeping close – of something that delights. I love books, and your little book – A Friend In Need – a really special find! Encounters like yours with Tommy are a special part of outings, too, & I’m glad you included him & his thoughtfulness in your telling . Thoroughly enjoyed your post, as always! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh Katey, what finds!!!! Those Victorian boots and the sewing notions and those tiny books. You have a knack for finding all the right things girls like us relish. Myst pop over to your etsy shop and see.

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