An Island in the Caribbean

There are few places we return again and again.

Eleuthera is one of them.

It’s easy to see just why. Raw natural beauty.  There are so many textures here and I found myself seeking them out with my camera. It’s a harsh place for some. 

And just life to others. 

But for us for this one week it’s paradise. 

A time to rest. A time to explore. A time to be alone and time to be with family.

And a time to play. 

Eleuthera is an outer island in the Bahamas. It’s not crowded, few resorts, few restaurants. We rent a house from vrbo or homeaway. We rent a car from Naaman. We take a cooler full of meats to cook at the house. Grocery stores have the basics. Expect to pay double. The cars are old, there are very few road signs and lots of potholes. We take a book called the Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera and explore.

As Chad said before, “dad likes that no one is there, mom likes to beach-comb, Drew likes to snorkel and I like the big beaches and big waves.”

But what you do find here are miles of beaches without anyone in sight.

A farm that grows fresh vegetables and makes homemade breads on Tuesday and Friday.

Friendly people.

Soft pink sand.

Endless roads to turn down and explore. And every shade of blue. 

It’s not for everyone but we have found it perfect for us and we can’t wait to go back.




3 thoughts on “An Island in the Caribbean

  1. A beautiful, and relaxing place. If you have YOUR family with you, you NEED no one else, a FAMILY is sooo special and I love your being together with yours. Looks like a place everyone needs to visit some time or the other to get away from the world we are seeing today with so much conflict and disagreement. PEACE, Love you, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pictures! How I would love to visit there. Brings back memories of islands we visited. Exploring, snorkeling, shell gathering, horseback riding on beach… just relaxing and loving the sun & sand. So glad you/family have that special place to visit. ? – what is Chad’s favorite thing about visiting there? Just curious. Thank you so much for sharing!

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