We drove over a 1000 miles in our 2 weeks in Iceland and I’m staring at at least that many photographs, facing the task of sharing them here. I haven’t even looked at them all. It’s overwhelming really.

I feel like I am an ambassador for Iceland.

I want you to like it too.

In trying to figure out how to organize my thoughts to share, I came up with 5 words to describe Iceland. That wasn’t enough so I asked Kevin, Janine and Curt each for 5 words.

And it’s still not enough. But it’s a start.



Abandoned and Desolate.

abandonedbroken boatagedbasketball goalplane wreckhorse at housefool on a hill

Powerful.dsc_0163powerful waterfallgullfoss

green roofturf housecairncrossesrehousechurchartist housecoveiconic iceland

Epic and Amazing.whale iceberg lagooniceberg lagoonbasalt columns vik

Vast and Majestic.east

majestic Unexpected and Diverse.
steam ventvast black rock beachairplane wreck
hot streamhofn


islantic horse


Colorful. bluechurchchurchorange is the new black red church Hraunfossarboat

icecave glacierwalk glacier

rugged coastvast diamond beachKirkjufellsfosshofn

Addictive. silhouetteWonky World

You just need to go see for yourself!!

We are so thankful to our besties for inviting us to go with them. These things are more awesome shared with those you love.


PS: posting soon tips if you want to go.


13 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. OH Katie, the pictures are awesome. Was pleasantly pleased to see sooo many church buildings. What an awesome trip. Thank for sharing. Much prettier than I ever imagined. Were there many people living there? . Love you two. Jo

  2. Your photos are incredible! I didn’t know Iceland could be so beautiful. It seems like such a stark place. There is an elegance to it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos!

    • Julia, Seems the hiking/camping community knew all along. I certainly didn’t know. It’s so beautiful. I highly recommend it. Thank you for your comment. Katey

  3. Let me add Breathtaking and Inspiring. What a fabulous trip. Every photograph speaks a thousand words. Love the one of the wellies all lined up and ofcourse the little black and white church. Definitely suggesting my children go since my next trip has to be England. Love your blog posts Katey

    • Thank you Constanza. I too am telling my sons to go when they graduate from college and hike or camp around with friends. It’s full of young people exploring. It is amazing. A trip to England. That always sounds dreamy. Thank you for your sweet support. katey

  4. Dear Katey,
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of Iceland with us. To me,it looks idyllic.Can I ask, what was the temperature like? I actually prefer cold weather over hot, and I am just wondering what it is like there in the summer months? Thank you again for these superb photos. You really are an excellent photojournalist.
    Best wishes,
    John O’Dowd

    • John, thank you kindly! Their summer months are June July & August so we were a bit on the shoulder season being there the last week of August & first week in September. Temps were 55-65 average a few days it dipped a bit colder. The rain & wind can make it feel much colder. I thought it perfect! We dressed in layers & were comfortable. Great hiking weather. I feel like this place would be a different world in the winter! Thanks again. Katey

    • Thank you. All the food was really good just expensive. I’m working on a followup blog post about some of the “need to know” things before you go. Hope to post it in the next week. It’s an amazing place. Highly recommend going.

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