kateinvegasI have a long list of places I really want to visit. Vegas has never been on that list…..not even at the bottom. In fact, I was embarrassed to tell anyone where I was going.

But I’ve changed my mind.

Kevin had a trade show to attend and so we used our free companion ticket and I tagged along. My friend, Brenda, moved here over a year ago so it was an easy decision to go.

Day one I was on my own so I took a tour bus out to see Hoover Dam.  Just like everyone says, it’s amazing. The feat of building this is incredible, being done in the 1930’s amazing.

The outdoor temperature gauge hit 111. hooverdamI was just starting to regret my decision to add the helicopter ride to my tour when I was dropped off at the Boulder City Airport. helicopter7 grown people were stuffed into this helicopter and it was so very hot but the views were worth it. My first ever helicopter ride. I thought it would be more like the ride at the start of Magnum PI but it was not quite that adventurous. I thought Kevin had taken a helicopter ride when he visited years ago and so I was super excited to tell him. Sadly he had not taken one but had only WISHED he had. oops.

The next few days Brenda was off work! We found some pretty cool geocaches. Our favorite being a drive thru wedding chapel. Thanks to Kevin in the back seat, we didn’t look like we were serious customers. Hilarious.


We visited Red Rock Canyon, the strip at night to see the lights and shopped the antique dealer inventory of her neighbor friend. THAT should have been first on our list. AMAZING!


Brenda and I went to meet my mom’s cousin, Pete. He’s my cousin once removed. (Thanks Jeri for teaching me that.) Meeting my cousin was an especially awesome treat as I had re-met all the other cousins last year in Texas with my mom. Pete told me stories of working for “Pappy” in his shop during the summer.  He has an interest in ancestry and has a picture of HIS mom in a hula skirt too! I couldn’t believe it!!  (read that story here) Pete is a super nice man and I’m proud to call him family. And that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that he gave us a cabana at the Palazzo for the day!! But it didn’t hurt ;)  Yes, we did spend the better part of a day in a pool side cabana. We loved lounging in an air-conditioned cabana while “Chase” checked on us regularly with drinks and food, in-between our dips in the pool. Who knew people did this?? Really!!!


I also went on my first solo “adventure” with a uber driver.  To make a long ride short…he could not speak or read english and made two wrong turns and bolted through the closing security gate with the security bars bouncing down on top of his car.  (Sorry I don’t have a picture of the driver Wenn) All subsequent rides have been perfect.

After the work week was over, Kevin was free and we headed to Utah with Brenda and her Kevin to visit Bryce National Park and Zion National Park. These parks are so unique and although close to each other they could be more different.

bryce137 We froze at Bryce and got sunburned at Zion. badboysbrendabridges arch brycecolors bryce76 brycewindwos

crittertreesbrycebrycesunjumpingwindow rootsIt is a glorious place. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

We hiked down into the valley and back up again. Just amazing.


It really is a must visit place. I’d love to see it with snow.

The next day we went to Zion National Park. It is equally beautiful in its on way. zionkevinDSC_0251zionbrendazionmoreLook at the people in the bottom of this picture… DSC_0271

We hiked 7 miles each day and saw some incredible beauty that can’t be found anywhere else. God is truly amazing and creative.

Vegas is surrounded by beauty. And that I can recommend.


PS: Not one quarter was put into a slot machine but I did buy 2 squished pennies and taught 8 foreigners how to use the squished penny machine and even gave them each a shiny penny to use. Money well spent.


6 thoughts on “Vegas?

  1. Wow, Katey. You see some of the most interesting places & things.
    I’m so glad you share your adventures with us!

    • Thank you Jo. It is amazing that the USA holds so many beautiful places. Makes me want to take our camper and travel to all the states. Katey

  2. Beautiful photos Katey! I’m happy you found the treasures of Las Vegas since there is a lot there to NOT like. I hear the restaurants are great too. We would only go there for business conventions even though we lived only 4 or 5 hours away. Crazy place!

    • Thank you Karen. We did eat at a couple of great restaurants. But you are right. It’s a crazy place. But luckily it’s surrounded by plenty of beauty. Katey

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