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I recently went to Rosemary Beach with my parents and their dear friend Jeri. (well she’s my friend too so I guess OUR friend). They play a card game called,  “hand and foot”  regularly and their fourth player couldn’t go so I volunteered to go.

I mean someone has too! friendsWe’ve stayed in many areas over the years, but I have never visited Rosemary. It’s classy and upscale, and very beautiful. doorsatrosemaryrosemarybeachmombeachflowers

The Gulf Coast beach is really gorgeous. The sands are so soft and pristine. sandbeachypicturesDeddy and I walked on them several times a day collecting shells and enjoying the calming waves and each other’s company. shellsatthebeachWe enjoyed little Luca and his owner, Leland, who shared his beach home with us and the many other little four-legged friends we made. luccaAnd we met up with friends from church….  friendsandpie

And ate pie at the Red Bar.

And found a quilt shop and a few other good shops….

But besides all the good company and the good food and fun times, I got to spend a lot of time with my parents, which was a treat! And I also learned a lot!

Things I Learned on Beach Trip with 3 Senior Citizens

Eating dinner early allows you to be hungry for ice-cream before bed.

If you are losing just start over.

Forgetfulness is expected

Telling the same story again is acceptable

Whom is an objective pronoun; it should be used to refer to the object of a sentence.

Black shark teeth are fossilized.

Eating fried catfish from a gas station won’t kill you and neither will fried chicken.

Dad picked mom up for a date on a motor scooter and her dress caught on fire.

Mom has no recollection of it.

Soaping windows was the mischief of the day in 1940’s and 50;s.

Well-read people never lack something to talk about.

And life long friendships are safe and comfortable, loving and patient.


A beach trip always renews one spirit.










17 thoughts on “What I Learned

  1. I love it! You can always learn something by listening to our parents. If only we had understood that when we were young. It looks like an amazing place. Very beautiful.

  2. Now you know why I love my seniors so much! I have traveled all over the world with them and get to “play with them and learn from them” every week at Steady for Life.

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