Quiet wisdom

Steadfast student

Thinking of Thee

Growing closer

Ever faithful


Gentle giant

Protects provides

Tender deeds

Dear ones sheltered

Ever caring


Gift seeker

Thoughtful giver

Heartfelt pleasure

Selfless delight

Ever giving


Four leaf finder

Little collector

Garden grower

Bible teacher

Ever seeking



Sometimes charmer

Often funny

Cheerful spirit

Ever merry


Steady presence

True and loyal

Easy comfort

Friendly fellow

Ever present



Faithful servant

Caring spirit

Merry giver

Loyal seeker

Ever loving

Always Deddy



Wishing you a very happy 75th birthday. With all my love.

Lara Kate


5 thoughts on “Deddy

  1. A beautiful tribute to the 1st most important man in your life! My father was
    “Deddy”, and I miss him daily. So thankful for you, that you have the talent to put your love into words and to celebrate 75 years! Happy Birthday to your Deddy!!!

  2. Oh!! Kathy!! So beautifully done!! You have been so blessed to have such a Godly wonderful man in your life to call “Deddy”. Happy Birthday to your Deddy. I know he is blessed by you tremendously. ❤️ ❤️

  3. What a precious tribute to a wonderful Dad, husband, care taker of his wife these past few rough weeks and sweet friend. I love seeing your parents together. Their love reminds me of my beloved parents. Please hug them an extra time every time you are with them. You will be so glad you did. Love you sweet friend.

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