September Boxes 2015

This year our September Boxes were going to be exchanged in the Cotswolds’s in England, over tea and scones and shopping bags at our feet. I found two small cigar boxes for us to fill and exchange, but life threw us a curve ball.

Mom fell and broke her hip and had to have hip replacement and getting over this hurdle has taken just a tad longer than any of us wished. She is on the path to better days but unfortunately my parents are not able to join us on our trip to England. We’ve been planning it for a year! Bummer. We are going ahead as planned, spending the first week with Kevin’s parents and then the second week just me and Kevin.

BUT we still have our September Boxes to exchange. Mom wanted to swap before we head off to England. I’m good with that!

I went to mom’s house bringing home-made potato soup since it’s got healing powers! We sat at the dining room table and mom opened her’s first.DSC_0009

My theme was Englandish.  I covered mom’s cigar box with lots of old papers and painted a tad and such and wrote Psalms 23 all over the box. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, mom taught my bible class at church and we memorized Psalms 23. I have never forgot it.

I included a lead shepherd holding a staff with his companion and some sheep, a sweet eBay purchase, a terribly sweet red-work found on the WLYS of two birds, a thimble necklace I made with silver sewing charms and several other choice things.redworkbirdsShepardnecklace

Sometime ago I came across the pattern for a thatched house sewing kit on Pinterest. I had thoughts of making it as a craft project when my friend Kana and Janine came for a weekend of crafting with me and mom. I showed it to mom and we decided It seemed a little labor intensive for our crafting time. But I held on to the idea and decided to make it for mom for her September Box. I mean its perfect right?sewingkit

Let’s just say it’s labor intensive and leave it at that! Adorable really and if I ever made another it would be so much easier! (but THAT’s not going to happen) Funny thing is mom had the same idea and did about half and gave up and stuffed it into her bottom drawer! I wanted to do that many times too! Mom said if we had picked that for our crafting weekend Janine and Kana still wouldn’t be talking to us!!

Mom was quite happy with her box and didn’t complain one bit that all the stuff wouldn’t fit into it.

My box was sweetly wrapped in blue hemp with hand painted buttons that I recognized right away from a little English Cottage I had bought for mom at Christmas. Cynthia Crane Pottery. Also a little needle keep which is adorable with a cottage on it. septemberbox

Also tucked in my box was a huge gold and pearl pin that was my great-grandmothers. I recognized it as always being in my mom’s Jewelry box. I loved going through her box growing up looking at charms and rings and costume jewelry from her past.. many pieces gifts from my

An odd package taking up the majority of the tiny box held this sweet little girl ready for her trip to England. She was made by Jenn from Noodle and Lou. Mom and I met Jenn when we went to Texas. A spunky and funny artist! Thrilled to have this doll made for me. Thanks Jenn and Mom!jenndoll

It was a bitter-sweet exchange this year. Conditions not as we had planned but I am thankful, so very thankful, mom is better! AND mom’s attitude is just as you would think… happy we are going to England, even if it’s without her. She deserves two September boxes!!

Another chapter added to our September Box story.


PS If you would like to see our first exchange and the history behind it click here.



8 thoughts on “September Boxes 2015

  1. Oh Katie, so very sorry your mom did not get to go! Maybe later! Glad she is doing good! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful time with many pictures to share. I enjoyed this sweet September exchange. You are truly amazing. Love, Jo

  2. I love your momma more than words can say; she is a MUCH better sport than I could ever be about not getting to go. I think maybe another September box is in order, one found in england and filled with treasures you gather there. if you are near a beach with stones, or a river, be on the lookout for a heartrock. antique lace and buttons, a souvenir spoon, a tiny plate for a doll, a measuring tape, a deck of cards, a pin that is shaped like a cup of tea….
    how I wish I could be hanging out with Dian while you are gone! oh the trouble we would find….. sending so much love to you both…. xo

    • I know! She’s such a trooper. Maybe she is faking it to make me feel better about going with out her! I will be on the lookout for treasures! You and mom could stitch and tell stories and laugh at Dad’s antics. Love to you. Katey

  3. Hi Katey. I follow you and tour sweet mother on Instagram. I’m glad she’s doing better. The warmth and love between you all is so sweet. The boxes are beautiful. What a lovely tradition. Have a great time in England and you did a fabulous job sewing the cottage. ♥️ Gretchen

  4. My first opportunity to see your blog. Love it! What a wonderful tradition you two have – such fun & interesting treasures in your collections… I know she is looking forward to hearing about the great time you all had on your trip. Just as we all are!

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