Little Snail

IMG_2517Today I was in the back yard and tucked into a boxwood branch was a leaf that caught my attention.

It looked as if it had been crocheted. A lacy pattern constructed without a pattern. leaf

Lifting it up to admire it, I saw it had a resident. A tiny snail. The artist. Can you spot him?snailsnailsnail snail

I watched him for a time as he glided across his canvas. Crossing from one side to the next. I turned the leaf slowly in my hand. He made his way to my thumb. I moved it several times but he insisted investigating it. So I allowed him.

I watched to see if I could see him touch first or feel him touch. I saw him touch before I felt it. A kiss of a touch.

I tucked him safely into a planter and brought the leaf inside to keep. To remember this day.


I saw a little snail

Come down the garden walk.

He wagged his head this way – that way-

Like a clown in a circus.

He looked from side to side

As though he was from a different country.

I have always said he carries his house on this back-

To-day in the rain

I saw that it was his umbrella!

Hilda Conkling (Poems by a Little Girl 1919)

Enjoy. Katey


7 thoughts on “Little Snail

  1. Hi. My daughter and I live in Tuscaloosa, Al and are doing the 127 yard sale next week. Can you recommend some “can’t miss” stops and good places to eat non- greasy food? Thanks, Pamela

    • Pamela, I’ve gone thru all of tn & there are good stops everywhere just depending on what you are looking for. The large fields are full of mostly vendors so prices might be higher but you don’t have to wade thru junk. Any food you want is available. As most are close to towns you can detour into towns & fund good food. We pack a cooler with healthy foods & picnic at the car. Have fun & good luck!! Katey

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