Paper Artists

paper wasp I found this on one of our azaleas his spring, while they were blooming. I found it in this condition. nest paper wasp

I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I did some research and discovered its from a bald face hornet. 440px-2919baldf.w(VIA Wikipedia)

Let me just say that I saw way too many scary looking images trying to identify this paper nest!

Just glad mine was little and unoccupied.

Each spring the queen decides where she wants the nest and begins building it and lays the first batch of eggs in it. These become the workers. They chew up wood which mixes with a starch in their saliva and they then spread it around with the mandibles and legs and it dries into a papery structure.

Close up you can see the fibers and various colors from the types of materials used. 
hornetI once found a yellow jacket nest that had bits of color from newspapers. nestThis is the very start of one. By summer’s end it could be the size of a basketball and house 700 hornets. This one was about 3 feet off the ground and most likely was torn open by a raccoon or fox. (Thank goodness)paper wasp

Sharing a super cool example of God’s creativeness.

Have a lovely week.



10 thoughts on “Paper Artists

  1. Very interesting – & timely. I found this information last night (looking because of wasp nests around my house) on tips for natural pest control, however you may note it does not mention where to get fake wasp nests… maybe your dad can make some for you. :-)

    Wasps are incredibly territorial and will not build a nest within 20 yards of another one. So build or buy your own fake nest! It’s like a scarecrow for wasps. Hang one in the front yard and one in back, and you’re done.

    • That is so interesting Jerry. I guess you could google where to get them. We’ve never had a problem here but evidently the raccoons are helping it stay that way. I guess it’s a trade off for them eating my birdseed. katey

  2. Katey we did have a basketball nest of wasps one year right outside the door, nestled into a rose bush, a bushy climbing rose. I jut let it run it’s course and it was empty by winter. The dog and ourselves steered mighty clear of it. Now I wish I would of inspected it more closely. Lovely photos and so interesting!

    • Julie, I have seen one in a market for sell and I inspected it. Lots and lots of layers. Birds sometimes take up the spot after it’s been used. Actually quite perfect I would think. You were brave and smart to avoid it. Thank you for your sweet words. Katey

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