Mushroom Monday


We had a plethora of mushrooms in our woods a few weeks ago.

They are curious things. whiteflowersAnd bugs eat them. redmushroomsyellowonemushroom5I like the little ones. DSC_0045mushrooms2mushroom3And the pretty colors.

And the spirit they show. white mushroomsI know little to nothing about them but I can take pictures of them and share with you.

Love, Katey



4 thoughts on “Mushroom Monday

  1. Very beautiful and interesting!! Thanks for sharing the loveliness of your world….I should say our world as you see it!! Blessed are those who see beauty where others see nothing. Love, mom

  2. We use to get little white ones in our front yard. Told my lil grandsons that was where the fairies had their party the night before! Your finds are beautiful and thank you for sharing. Would love taking early morning walks in your woods….WITH YOU!

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