lighthouseEvery couple of years, we go on a family vacation instead of exchanging Christmas presents. Even though it cost quite a bit more than we normally spend on Christmas, we have never regretted these trips. Especially great, as the kids get older and it becomes more difficult to buy for and your busy summers don’t always allow for a vacation and the clock is ticking when these opportunities will be gone.

The first trip, we went to Dallas to watch the Cowboys play Green Bay when Farve was still quarterback. We went to six flags and the zoo and such.

The last three times however, we’ve gone to Eleuthera.

I remember our first visit and as we were leaving, Naaman, who we rented our car from, asked if we liked Eleuthera. We said we loved it. He said, “then you will be back. If you like Eleuthera, then you will be back.”

It was true.

It calls us back even as we leave.

I’ve never felt like this about a place before. I always want to go somewhere I’ve never been. Why return to the same place, I would think. Not anymore.

Eleuthera is an outer island of the Bahamas. It’s 110 miles long but very narrow. I think I was reading an article about the 10 best beaches in the world and it’s home to one of them (at least one) when I first learned about it. We didn’t know anyone who had been. I did a lot of research and we rented a house off of vrbo and went. architecture

The island has a slogan and it’s “Eleuthera, It’s not for everyone”

This is true.

But I’m glad it’s for us. When I think about this island I think of the empty beachescrowded beach

and driving down the rough and rocky roads,roads

I think of the band music on the radio, and the worn cars we rent, nelly

and The Farm with their homemade breads every Tuesday and Friday.breadbakeryI think of Lighthouse Beach, which must be the most beautiful place on the Earth. favorite spot rock island endeleutheraI think of the excitement I feel when the little plane is landing and I know I have days ahead of me here.paradise

This time we brought the boys’ girlfriends. We’ve never done this before but it was a wonderful addition. kristen and drewellen and chadOur days consist of exploring a new beach or two, having a picnic lunch, a visit to the coffee shop for a little wi-fi and java and home again for dinner and perhaps visit another beach as the sun sets and then watching the stars or playing cards or falling asleep to a movie.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we are at The Farm at 9 for fresh cinnamon rolls and would eat them on their picnic tables in their garden. I spotted a lady carrying a basket of bread resting on her hip, from the house to the stand and told her she must love her job. She said, “I love how homemade bread brings people together”. I looked over at the stand and at least 8 people were standing inside the little shack picking out bread. I looked over at our picnic table, all circled around eating the delicious rolls. I knew just what she meant.

Eleuthera is a great place for beach combers. hearts collections It’s a great place for explorers. cave trails

And for tranquility. IMG_6459 pink sands lifechairdriftwoodAnd enjoying nature and her textures.textures texture2

And loved ones. family girls boysThere are no resorts, no hotels, and no red lights. Few stores and even fewer people.

I recently read that it’s not for couch potatoes or women in high heels. haha so true.

driftwood sunsetIt’s paradise to me.

I look at these pictures and think they belong to someone else.

No filters. None needed.

I would go back tomorrow.

And so would Kevin and Drew and Chad and Kristen and Ellen.

It just has that effect on you.

I hope you have somewhere like this that you long to return to over and over.




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  1. As always, engaging story, beautiful pictures,and a delightful inclusion in your trip down memory lane – while opening a precious assortment of my own – similar, memories spent at other islands in the Keys. Thank you for this mini-vacation for my thoughts. Those were my favorite vacations.(I think I would have been a happy beachcomber & artist in another life.) I know I would love it there.

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